It’s been a journey.

As I sat down and thought about the content for this post, I had a difficult time deciding what to include, because I wanted it to be meaningful and applicable. Hence, I decided to write about what Enactus means to me and what it has taught me over these past two years. Everyone’s experience is…

International alumni reflect on their time in SIFE

To international students, it can seem like networking the US is a waste of time. It can be demotivating when we travel back to our home countries and our US connections cannot help us at home. We reached out to two of our international SIFE alumni and asked them how they have benefitted by being…

Responsible Sourcing: Kristina’s Job Shadow

Last week I had the privilege to visit with the Responsible Sourcing department at Walmart. The managers and senior leaders I met with shared both inspirational stories and the various challenges they face within their role in the department. My first impression as I entered the Global People Center, and the feeling of culture that…