Be Curious

Be Curious and Be Alive by Stacie Burley

When considering what advice I would pass along as a “Last Lecture,” I had one thing immediately come to mind: Always Be Curious. Here’s why it’s advice worth remembering- Curious people are: Problem Solvers Curious people realize that, while they may not be the answer or have the answer, they can help find the answer. They…

Meaghan Ranz

Social Entrepreneurship & Lessons from Rabbi Moshe

On November 5, 2013, a man named Bret Raymond came in to speak to our Enactus class about the role of business in society. This class period was extremely powerful, and started me thinking about the role of business in my own life as well. I have never been an incredibly ‘business-minded’ person, but I…

Coffee tasting

Guatemala Coffee Project: Empowering Communities

This past Wednesday 06, Mark Bray, the Airship Coffee owner and coffee developer spoke at John Brown University to students who are participating in the Guatemala coffee project through Enactus, a club that gives students hands-on experience with business decision making opportunities. In his presentation, Bray explained the roasting and trading systems behind the coffee industry…