Officer Team Shares Its Passion

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We asked our officers how they first became involved in Enactus, what their experience has been, and what they’re looking forward to in the upcoming year. It’s evident they share a passion for servant leadership and are excited to pour into the JBU Enactus club.

From left to right, Dani Rivas, Erin Morningstar, Gabriela Flores, Kristina Arge

“I got involved in Enactus because it was a requirement for my major. After a couple of months, I knew this was a club where I wanted to invest my time for the rest of my college career. Enactus allows me to practice what I am taught in the classroom while helping people who need it. Through Enactus, I have made great friends and have connected with business professionals who help me understand “the real world.” I’ve found people who want to invest their time in me. During my 2 years of involvement, I have experienced more real life challenges than I ever would have by sitting in the classroom. I have acquired skills that I didn’t think I ever would- all while serving others.
I am excited to experience and see even more development in myself and students in Enactus this year. I am excited about what opportunities will unfold as our students work on their projects. Most of all, I am excited to make new friends who, just like me, are excited about seeing opportunity and building communities.”
Kristina Arge, President

“I accidentally attended an Enactus project meeting for Airship Coffee last year. My friend told me I had to come with him to some meeting. I begrudgingly followed him to the second floor of the business building. When we stepped in, Mark Bray was already leading a discussion with a group of students about his vision for Airship Coffee. I remember sitting there and thinking, Is this guy is really going to let these students help him with his business? It was exciting to me. The next semester I was enrolled in the class and plugged into a project. It hardly seemed like I had a choice. The JBU College of Business and Siloam Springs Community had poured so much into me over the last three years. Enactus was my chance to reciprocate that. How could I not? This semester as an officer, I’m grateful for the chance to pour into our club’s members with the hopes of inspiring them like I was first inspired. Enactus is a unique chance to apply your academic learning in real ways, make professional connections, and beef up your resume. But that’s all secondary to this simple fact: Enactus empowers its students to change lives. I’m excited to change lives alongside you this semester.”
Erin Morningstar, Vice President of Marketing

“The first time I got to be part of Enactus was at a World Trade Expo last year. I loved the fact that the kids were able to bring their ideas to life through Enactus. This impacted me by showing me that I am capable of finding new ways to assess a need and create something great out of an opportunity. During my involvement in the club I have gained knowledge of business concepts from executives and upperclassmen, and put those concepts into action. I have also learned to work with a team. I’ve discovered teamwork is essential when developing a project. Best of all, though, is that I get to serve others with my skills, time and knowledge. I get a taste of what I will be doing in the future as a servant leader. I am excited to see freshmen and sophomores plugged into their projects, loving what they do. I cannot wait for us to be competing against other clubs around the United States in Saint Louis, MO next spring.”
Dani Rivas, Vice President of New Members

“When first coming to JBU I did the tour around campus. I was really impacted by all the SIFE trophies in the Soderquist Business Center. Afterwards, I got to talk with some upperclassmen that were involved with SIFE. Their passion for what is now Enactus was evident. Passion is contagious and it tickled my heart for service. I’ve been part of Enactus since my freshman year and I’m really grateful for such a fulfilling experience. I have a heart for service and I believe Enactus is an organization that allows you to use your skills and talents for a greater purpose. Enactus provides students with the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their communities, while gaining the experience, skills and relationships. It prepares you to have a successful career. Enactus has given me new skills and has developed my talents. It allows me to be a positive role model and it gives me the opportunity to make an impact on the world. That’s one of the most valuable takeaways. I’m excited to get to know and network with new people. Spending my time working on worthwhile projects, surrounded by passionate people, making change in the world while having fun and gaining experience is also really exciting to me.”
Gabriela Flores, Vice President of Project Development

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  1. Jake Knight Posted on September 16, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    I’m excited to work with all of you this semester!

    • EnactusJBU Posted on September 16, 2014 at 10:47 pm

      Thanks, Jake!

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