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As I sat down and thought about the content for this post, I had a difficult time deciding what to include, because I wanted it to be meaningful and applicable. Hence, I decided to write about what Enactus means to me and what it has taught me over these past two years. Everyone’s experience is different, I know, but I believe that there is some common ground on what we, as students, experience while being an Enactus member.

Enactus means transformation. I have seen the impact our projects have and how these are able to transform the lives of not only individuals but also entire communities. Whether it is through testimonials or conversations I have had with people who have been benefited by them, I realize that we are making a difference. The time and effort we put into our projects yields results.

Enactus means challenge. What would life be without challenges? It would probably be boring. Challenges help us to grow and to learn. I have had the opportunity to work in three different projects during my time at Enactus. In all of them, we have encountered challenges. They have been difficult, but we have been able to face them, overcome them, and learn from them. They have made us a stronger team because as a team we have found a solution.

Enactus means inspiration. Countless hours have been put in by Enactus teammates throughout the years. When things get difficult, and we find a way out, I get inspired and excited to see where our project is going. When projects reach completion, we rejoice with one another because we made it, we reached our goal. That is inspirational as well. We find inspiration in the minimal things and in the big things. Enactus has showed me how to appreciate both.

Enactus means relationships. Projects would not exist if there were not people committed to them. These people forge relationships as they work in their own projects. When we share as a larger group, we all interact together and create more relationships. Enactus has given me the chance to meet other people with whom I share similar interests and are inspired by the work being done.

Enactus means learning. The projects, the interactions, the speakers in class, everything in the Enactus experience has taught me something. Through my involvement in projects, I have learned the value of teams and the power behind collaboration. In my interactions with fellow teammates, I have learned that I can rely on them and they will support me when times get tough. The speakers in class add value to the experience; their stories inspire us and remind us that we are capable of great things. Last year, I was blessed to represent our team as a speaker for the National competition, let me tell you, it taught me so much about public speaking than I could learn in a class. Enactus has strengthened skills that will be of use in the workplace, and I am thankful for that.

As I wrap this up, I realize that Enactus means more than just five words. At the end, it is not only about the projects, it is about the people we encounter along the way, the relationships we make, the tangible skills we learn, the smiles that we see, the challenges we overcome, and most importantly about the lessons God teaches us along the way.

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