What Enactus Meant to Me: Andrea Marroquin

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We asked previous Enactus members to share how it has shaped their career. Andrea Marroquin, an past international student from Guatemala, shares with us what she took away from Enactus:

SIFE (Enactus) was an important part of my college life. It helped me understand why I was studying a business major and how could I use it not only for my own benefit, but for the benefit of others. I started getting involved in SIFE as a requirement of the Walton Scholarship. But my advisor was right when he told me: “once you get involved in SIFE, you would not want to leave.” My freshman year, I was involved in the SIFE class, attending to hear and learn from important business people. That first year encouraged me to want to learn more and get more involved. In my sophomore year, SIFE supported me to start a community development project at my community in Guatemala called HOPE (Hydroponics optimizing people’s endeavor).  It was amazing to see how an idea could become reality, and how it could support people to have a better quality of life. Currently, there are farmers in my community owning a greenhouse where they could plant and harvest to generate an income for their families. During my junior year, I was part of the SIFE student’s board and that allowed me to participate in regional and national competitions.

SIFE was more than a class to me; it challenged me to think outside the box. It made me go way beyond my comfort zone. Learning about teamwork, networking, public speaking, and communications have been some of the skills I learned during my SIFE experience. However, I think that the best experience SIFE could give me was to learn that even when I’m only one person, I can make a difference whit what I have and where I am. I just have to act and believe that change is possible.

Now, after two years of being in the “real world,” I still apply the lessons that SIFE has taught me. I’m currently working for an NGO called Potter’s House in Guatemala City. Potter’s House seeks to improve the lives of the people that live in the surroundings of the Guatemala City Garbage Dump. I think I might not be working here, if I wouldn’t have been involved in SIFE. SIFE encouraged me to be creative and use my major anywhere I believed I was able to make a difference. Here I am, giving my little contribution for a cause that I believe can change the lives of my people in Guatemala, and in the meantime it is changing mine.

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