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It happened just the other day. I was talking to my mom on the phone. I mentioned something about Enactus, and she asks, “Now what is Enactus exactly?” I fumbled through an explanation that probably didn’t answer her question. Please tell me this doesn’t just happen to me.

I’ve been thinking about why it’s hard to sum up Enactus in a sentence. I think it’s because Enactus means different things to different people. It’s training for emerging leaders, it’s hands-on experience for students, it’s business as missions for believers, it’s the restoration of dignity for those in need, it’s economic development for communities.

I asked our Enactus club to tell me what it means to them. Here are just a few responses:


“Enactus is more than a club. It’s a group of talented, passionate, and amazing people that see opportunities to improve the quality of life of others through business.”

“Enactus brings reconciliation to a broken world.”

“An organization that creates projects to improve the quality of life for people throughout the world.”

“We really apply everything we’ve learned through the classroom. We take ideas and put them into practice.”

“We combine compassion and business to make a better community.”

“JBU Enactus is a group of people who became  family, forever changing my life.”

“Enactus is a blessing.”


I’d agree with all of these. The more time you spend in Enactus, the more you see its many facets. Thanks to our team for sharing. And thanks for a great semester. Good luck on finals! : )

Erin Morningstar Erin Morningstar, Vice President of Marketing for JBU Enactus

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