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Our Enactus Officer Team was asked to share a little bit about what Enactus means to them, what gets them excited for this year, and what they expect as individuals and from the team. It’s going to be a great year for our team with new projects, lots of new faces, and our incredible returning members who are loyal to our mission. Here is what the Officer Team had to say:

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If you’re reading this, thank you. Thank you for taking the initiative to explore this club and the opportunities that accompany it. Thank you for choosing to invest yourself in helping others. Thank you for being a part of the best club on campus. I would first like to encourage you as you begin your Enactus journey. Don’t be overwhelmed. Enactus can be confusing at first, but it’s actually quite simple. We use business principles to help others economically, socially, and environmentally. Once you understand that, get involved in a project, and watch where Enactus takes you. I think you will be impressed.

Jake Knight, President

I am so excited for what this year has in store for Enactus JBU. Enactus is more than a club for me. Enactus is a place to belong. Enactus is a family. You now have a place you can call home. We may hit points during the year where we do not know what to do. There may be hard situations and difficult times. However, we will get through these times as a family. In the end, we will celebrate our accomplishments as a family! And believe me, there will be much to celebrate. I expect big things this year. I expect a group of fully engaged students to dramatically improve the quality of life for individuals all across the globe. I’m excited to see you, the student, grow into your role and begin to realize what you are truly capable of doing. I’m excited to get to know you on an individual basis and learn what your goals and passions are. You are unique and so very valuable to our family. Our accomplishments throughout the year, our celebration at the end of the year, are only possible because of you. Welcome to the family.

Ryan Hackett, Vice President of Membership

 If you are in Enactus and I haven’t met you yet, I want to. Enactus is something that I am incredibly passionate about for many reasons. I joined Enactus when I was a sophomore, and I walked away from the first meeting knowing that this was going to be much more than a club to me. It quickly became a large part of who I am, and it has shaped my college career in such positive ways. Enactus is a way that passion, talent, opportunity, empowerment, relationships, and efficiency come together in an incredible way. It is a way to begin thinking about the world in terms of opportunities instead of just the brokenness that seems to be prevalent. This year, I expect to be surprised and challenged by Enactus JBU. I expect to grow as a team and as an Enactus family. I expect to walk into situations that I do not feel fully equipped for, while being supported by the greater Enactus network. I am excited to walk into new projects, watch as teams develop and succeed, and connect with project leaders. I am passionate about joining together to work toward a goal much greater than ourselves, and that is what ENACTUS JBU is all about.

Meaghan Ranz, Vice President of Project Development

Enactus is a great place to learn, to fail, and to keep learning. The impact that our projects have had over the year is incredible and encouraging. I have been involved in Enactus since my freshman year, and now that I look back I realize that it is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only has Enactus provided me with the opportunity to learn about community development and sustainability, but it has taught me about leadership, relationships, and passions. I am really excited for what is ahead! I am excited for all of our new projects and for the great things they will accomplish. Every little step counts towards the goal, keep that in mind! This year, I expect to learn as much as I can about our students, our projects, and where we are headed as a team, as well as from my role. I’m confident that this will be a successful year for Enactus and that we’ll achieve great things together.

Carlos López, Vice President of Marketing

Now ask yourself, what do you expect from Enactus this year?

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