Enactus Fall Leadership Conference – Dallas, TX

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On Friday, September 25, our Enactus Officer Team along with three project leaders and our Faculty Advisor attended the Enactus Fall Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas. The conference was an opportunity for Enactus students to connect with each other, learn about important aspects of team formation, projects, and competition. As well as being able to interact with recruiters. We asked our project leaders who attended (Diana Cascante, Heydi Cucul, and Landon Whitlock) to share with us what they learned and what they liked about the event. Here is what they said about it:

Fall Leadership Conference 15

Last Thursday with four other Enactus members we left at 5 am. Our destination? Dallas. Our purpose? Attend the 2015 Enactus leadership conference. The conference started Friday, but the five of us left early because we were part of a logistics/operations tour with Walmart.
It was quite the experience, not only because we got the opportunity to meet executives, managers and recruiters from Walmart, but since there were only 5 students in the operations tour we got to know them on a personal level. I don’t think I’ll be able to walk into Walmart and think about it the same way I did before. How many supplier trucks come every day? At what time do they come? What’s in season? What’s the purpose behind their displays?
It was a very informative Thursday, and I haven’t even described some of the sessions we got to attend on Friday that ranged from leading the creative thinking process to conducting a thorough needs assessment. We also got to network with companies like Walgreens and Mondelēz.
And as a bonus, we got to see Nick Jonas grocery shopping at Walmart in Dallas!
Diana Cascante, Project Leader for “ALBA”

I’m thankful for the opportunity to attend the conference in Dallas. It was great; I learned many things that will help me to work hard and to give my best in Enactus. The sessions were very productive. One of the topics which they emphasized was the meaning of projects, and the impact projects have in the lives of people around the world. They pointed that it doesn’t matter what project we are working on, but we need to give our best to impact the lives of others. Another topic was that we need to use our strengths, capitalize on them, and do great things through them. Enactus gives us the skills to become great leaders, to connect with people around the world, but overall it also gives us the skills to empower communities and empower the lives of people through different projects. If we are looking for opportunities to grow and do something for others, Enactus is a great way to start. They pointed out that Enactus is not just a class, but a great opportunity to serve others and a place where we can develop our skills as leaders. We can find a family and also where we can be a blessing to others. One of my favorite sessions was the one that was led by Enactus alumni. They encouraged me a lot, they shared their experience with us and also advised us on how to own and love Enactus, to give the best of us and also to always be creative and positive.
Personally, I’m proud of being a part of Enactus JBU because it is taking me out of my comfort zone. Enactus is giving me the opportunity to grow as a person and it’s also giving me the opportunity to connect with others that are looking for opportunities to empower communities, to make a difference, which is so encouraging! It is leading me to work hard, to accomplish dreams, and to be a blessing to others.
Heydi Cucul, Project Leader for “Supérate”

Success requires a team. Recently, I was privileged to attend an Enactus training conference where connected with a team of Enactus members and alumni. Many lessons were learned on the trip. One of the most helpful lessons stressed the importance of a comprehensive needs assessment. A need has to be addressed before we can fix the problem. Without dedicating time and thought into assessing the details of a problem, it is impossible to establish a sustainable solution. And, that is what Enactus is about: providing effective solutions to real world problems—solutions that work. What I realized, is that when we want to actually solve a problem, we must examine the details of the problem at a much deeper level. This forces us to go beyond the question of what the problem is, and ask why the problem exists in the first place. This led me to realize that solutions, more often than not, require more than one mind. Success requires a team. Going into the conference, I thought that my biggest takeaway was going to be the connections I made with business executives. Although rubbing shoulders with business executives is definitely valuable and rewarding, it was not the highlight of my trip. The most rewarding experience of the trip was not rubbing shoulders with those business executives who have successfully climbed the corporate ladder and wore expensive suits, though I am grateful for their time and example and interest in us as students. The most rewarding experience, however, was rubbing shoulders with a group of six college students, one of whom wore a pair of Wal-Mart dress shoes. These students are my fellow JBU Enactus members. I realized that my connection with them is not only valuable, it is crucial to my success. These are the people who I will work with and from whom I will seek advice. These are the people who are committed to solving the same types of problems as I am. These are my teammates. The problems and challenges that our JBU Enactus team has addressed are not easily fixed. They are complex problems that are bigger than what just one person can handle.
They require a team.
Landon Whitlock, Project Leader for “Yellow Crate”

Thank you, Enactus USA for this great opportunity for our students!

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