What I Wish I Knew & What I Know Now

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Enactus has been the highlight of my time here at JBU. It has taught me several things throughout my years being involved. I am going to share with you some of the lessons I have learned during my time with Enactus. It was not until I became a part of Enactus that I realized how blind and ignorant I was to the needs of the community around me. A crucial factor to me when considering to join Enactus was the way I wanted to spend my time. Do I actually contribute my time to anything that makes a difference in the world, or am I on the side line focusing only on profit? Enactus has always informed me about the needs of individual communities, and has helped to open my eyes to these needs and how I can be a resource to make change.     

Here are some of the things that I wished that I would have emphasized more heavily earlier during my time with Enactus. In other words, these are the things that I regret not having focused on enough as a member in Enactus.

Projects do not get completed over night. Make yourself aware of that. It is an accumulation of all the small steps and goals you complete over a period of time. Often, we get carried away by looking at the end goal. Projects do fail, and some change several times before being successfully implemented.

One thing I have learned is that for the project to be successful you must first and foremost develop a vision, mission, and have a set of values. This will make everything a whole lot easier. After you have that figured out, you can always relate back to it. Why am I doing the things I do? Does this step I am about to take align with our values and vision? Is this step taking us one step closer to our vision? Try to get people to have the same vision for the project and commit to that. A team with the same vision in mind is very powerful. Whatever you do always relate it to the vision, mission and values you have for the project. If you are always committed to the vision, the rest will unfold easier.

As a leader it is often hard to delegate tasks and knowing the next steps. One of the things that I wish that I had understood as a project leader is to realize that the answer is not right in front of you. Ever. No one expects you to know the answer to everything. However, there are people that will know the answer to your questions, or at least will be able to guide you to a place where you can find the answer.

Another thing I find important to mention is how tremendously beneficial it is to go out and try to implement the things that you have been researching. Don’t spend all your time researching. Spending time with your audience for an hour is much more influential than spending an hour researching. Opportunities will arise when you are ready for them. When you reach out to people with the intention to help them, doors will open. The most valuable lessons and leads for your project often happen when you least expect it.

Try not to focus on everything at once. Your goal is, of course, to empower lots of people. Dreaming big is good, however, the small steps towards the ultimate goal is what is going to make that vision become successful. You have the power to influence people on a daily basis. Take advantage of that opportunity!




Rógvi Dragaberg, team member of the One Loom project


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