The One Thing You Should Definitely Get Involved When In College

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Ok, we all have been there, being the typical freshmen who wants to get involved in everything they can. French club, the dance ministry, growth groups, mission trips, cause ministries, whatever you want to call it. You just want to be part of something, you want to find a sense of identity, a bigger purpose, something where you can belong. When all of a sudden, you hear about Enactus, this hybrid between a class and a club. At first, you are a little confused but it sounds like a good idea, so you decide to go to the first class. Oh, what a big mistake you have made! From the first moment you enter the classroom, you are received by a wave of smiles, warmness and a little something you cannot describe. People do want you to be there, you really are welcomed. You start meeting people you never thought you would, you discover that you have something in common and that is the reason you are all there, together. You get involved in projects little by little, you start developing confidence, you start sharing your ideas and voicing your opinion. You feel important and finally you have found a place where you “belong” So… that is what happened to me.

Starting off college, I was perhaps a little undecided about who I was and what made my heart tickle. Truth be told, I discovered what I was passionate about when joining Enactus. First, as a project member, I realized the true value about teamwork and how powerful people can be when they join efforts and have a shared goal in mind. Later, as a team leader, I was able to lead people into achieving a vision, I learned the value of people as human capital and how important different talents and personalities are. Also, I learned a lot about responsibility and surely developed my interpersonal skills. Little by Iittle, I found myself getting more and more involved and it was all worth it because every effort was meant for a bigger purpose. Suddenly, I realized that I wanted to do more so I became an Enactus officer. What a great blessing! If I dare to say, it was the highlight of my college career at JBU. I was not only able to interact with others who saw opportunity where others saw problems. I was given the chance to work with people who were doers and wanted to take action. I met leaders in business, education and ministry who taught me invaluable things and shaped my worldview drastically. But wait, that is not everything, during my senior year I became a Competition Speaker, one thing I definitely never thought I would do in my entire life, but there I was doing it because I was passionate about our club and what we did.

Being part of Enactus helped me develop confidence, it demonstrated me that I can be an agent of change, that no idea seems impossible when you dream big and work hard. Enactus guided me to tap into the entrepreneurial spirit that lives within each of us. Enactus was no longer a class, it was a family where we channel the unique talents, passions and ideas we each possess towards empowering others and creating good in the world where we have been placed with a purpose. Enactus helped me shape my personal vision and style of leadership, but most importantly, it guided me in the path of fulfilling the purpose God has for me. Enactus gave me a sense of belonging and I can assure you it will give you many more things that you would ever expect. You have the power to change reality, go ahead and do it!

Gabriela Flores



Gabriela Mejia Flores, JBU and Enactus alumna (2015) currently works as Corporate Manager at Speak S.A. de C.V. in El Salvador. Her responsibilities include: CRM, project and people management, trainings and programs for people development, and quality assurance projects

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