Introducing the Competition Team 2016!

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Our faculty advisors, BAB members, and officers were able to hear incredible auditions from current members to be a part of our competition team for this year. After a very tough selection process, here is our competition team 2016 and what they’re excited about this year’s competition season:

Speaker Team

Thea“I love a good challenge, and the Enactus Competition certainly presents one! I am excited to grow professionally as a public speaker, but also to grow closer to my teammates and learn how to handle everything from conflict to time management to unconventional distractions. It is promising to be a most unforgettable experience!”

Thea Brock






Chrissie“As this competition process starts, I am most excited to get to know more students in Enactus and learn more about each project. Throughout each semester we each are focused on our own team project. During this process, we as the competition team have the opportunity to learn more about our members in Enactus and what motivates each and every one of you to join the projects you are involved in. One of the key takeaways from this process will be seeing the broader of impact and progress each project is making to reach their team’s goal.”

– Chrissie Lewis








 Claudia“I am excited for the experience of doing teamwork and building strong relationships with the JBU Enactus competition team members. The friendships and bonds developed in this process will be the result of time, collaboration, and sacrifice. After all, this is what will push us to represent the impactful work of our JBU Enactus students.”

– Claudia Alvarado






Jake“I am most excited about the opportunity to represent the amazing work that our team has accomplished this semester along with the chance to grow and connect with the other members of the speaker team.”

– Jake Knight





Q&A Support

Belinda“Through our projects we are not only empowering others but also learning how to love others well, others in situations different than as ours. I’ve been part of the ENACTUS JBU Competition team before and it was one of the most rewarding experiences. I’m excited to be able to represent ENACTUS JBU and all the projects that we have been working with such dedication and passion. I’m excited to be able to share our story.”

– Belinda Henriquez











“I am most excited for competition itself. There is a type of nervousness that kicks in when you are presenting something you have spent months preparing. After a while, you get slightly addicted to that sense of angst leading up to the presentation itself.”

Luke Powers









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