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Travel back in time and recall the first day when you joined Enactus JBU (formerly SIFE). Why did you decide to join the club? Perhaps you attended the kickoff team meeting either because you heard about the club through your friends, your advisor recommended you to join, or you were looking for something to get involved and connect with others. What happened months later? Months later you probably discovered Enactus JBU was something too good to stop getting involved!

My Enactus JBU experience is one of many great experiences I had while studying at JBU. This contributed to my personal and professional development. Enactus challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and go after goals that at some point seemed unattainable. Through this challenge, I was able to broaden my perspective and learned the importance of working with others to face obstacles and execute ideas that enable progress.

Whether you are a freshman, sophomore or junior student, keep it up and continue to do great things that add value to the club and your peers. KEEP looking for ways to take your projects from great to awesome! My recommendation for you is to consider one or two things you will STOP doing that are not helping you get closer to your goal and define action steps that will START helping you get closer to your goals.

Dear senior student, as you transition out of college I encourage you to think about these questions. What will you do today that will help you get where you want to go? What will be your takeaway walking out of the Enactus class by the end of the year? Did you influence anyone? While there isn’t a one-size fits all manual that can help you find the answer to these questions, I recommend using what you learned while being involved in Enactus. These lessons can be your compass that can guide you towards your next steps. Below are five things to keep in mind as you think on what’s next. I hope these will be of encouragement!

Keep Learning

Congratulations! You have completed four years of college, broaden your perspective, and learned about topics you knew little about. Learning should not stop here. I encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity to learn new concepts that will shape and challenge your worldview. If these opportunities do not come right away, go and create learning opportunities. Learn a new skill or language, take a course over a subject that calls your attention, read a book or articles, teach yourself something using your resources.

Take Your Time

Take your time to define your personal and professional goals and identify the next steps. This does not mean you will not do anything or wait for too long before taking action. Be proactive and cast your vision. Remember to put things in perspective and keep your focus on the goals you set for yourself. 

Hold to Your Core Values

What values are tied to your heart or being? What values define who you are? Start by naming two or three. How do these values relate to what you want to accomplish in life? Who will you influence and empower by living for what believe in? Define these values and strive to live by them every single day.

Build Character

Build good character in the midst of challenges.Challenges have always being exciting to me because are opportunities to learn and grow. They are great instances in life that bring either the best (strengths) of you or the worst of you (weaknesses). Keep your focus on leveraging your strengths and be open to feedback. The feedback you receive will provide insight about what you need to continue working on (your weaknesses).

Be Diligent with your Time

Make the most out of your spare time and define top priorities in your life. Find a new hobby, read about the industry that relates to your job, keep up with the news and about the economy, learn to invest, make up a plan to develop the leader that is within you! In short, develop healthy habits that will contribute to your well-being ten years from today.




Daniela Reyes, JBU and Enactus alumna (2014), currently works as Contract Administrator in the Realty Supplier and Contract Management department at the Walmart Home Office. Her responsibilities include but are not limited to creating and executing contracts for multiple projects in compliance with federal, state, and local laws.

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