What Do You Expect From This Year?

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What Do You Expect From This Year?
This year is going to be a big year for Enacus JBU. After winning second place in the nation (whoop whoop) we have a lot of fire in us to go back to Nationals this year and claim what belongs to us. Our projects are in some exciting stages that we as Enactus JBU are excited to see take off together. Each project leader was asked to talk about whst they were expecting for this year, and this is what they had to say:


“We are really excited to be the business venture that supports all of the great work that Enactus JBU is involved in. This semester we are looking forward to distributing the 750 journals being printed in India right now as well as selling ads for the next round of printing in the spring. As the journal project develops, we will generate revenue that will financially support our club and the work it does. We are contributing to Enactus JBU in a lasting, meaningful way.”

Jake Knight, Journal Ad Sales


“This year we will be working with a company called Purse & Clutch. They are dedicated to selling quality, handcrafted products from all around the world. I think their business model and products are awesome. Our mission for the project has yet to be fully established but I am excited to lead the project with Amanda  and work with our team!”

Myriah Yam, Purse & Clutch


“I am so excited to see empower the Adult Development Center to continue to do the great work that they do with local adults with disabilities. I cannot wait to build community engagement and ultimately make the income streams for Shredify more regular, and then watch as more adults are able to be employed through the business. I look forward to the moments when the members on my team understand the weight of their work and realize just how much of an impact their work is making on the individuals at the Adult Development Center. I am so grateful for the Adult Development Center and their willingness to partner with Enactus JBU, and I am excited to see what ideas my team has and where this semester will take us.”

Ryan Hackett, Shredify


“Yellow Crate is having a great year so far! With several great additions in members who have joined our mission, our team is stronger than ever. Our team is looking forward expanding on last year’s success, and scaling Yellow Crate to numerous locations. Whole Foods in Fayetteville has recently presented us with an opportunity for expansion, agreeing to test Yellow Crate for one week. Capitalizing on this opportunity will take all of us, but we are excited for the challenge, and confident we will see great success!”

Landon Whitlock, Yellow Crate


“The EcoAlba team is excited about seeing Carlos’ furnace be successful in new markets in Chile and gaining market share. This semester, we are planning on empowering Carlos by creating spreadsheets and teaching him how to keep track of his business finances and holding him accountable for this updates. We also plan to reach more customers through the EcoAlba Facebook page. We look forward to certifying the furnace due to the new law in Chile.”

Marcela Funez-Vivas, EcoAlba   

Now, go out there and set some goals for yourself, push yourself, and lets see what you can do to change the community and the world.

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