Facts & Questions

What are projects?

Projects are the cornerstone and the heart of our club. We currently have several different projects that you will have the opportunity to get involved in–some local and some international.

We go out of our way to draw the most engaged and entrepreneurial students from all over campus (that’s you!); ones who jump at opportunities, take initiative, and solve problems. Students who are optimistic, enthusiastic, and passionate about serving others.

When you join Enactus, you will have the opportunity to choose a project that’s mission resonates with you. Your passion will multiply the force behind the project! We cannot promise it will be easy – in fact, we can promise many challenges ahead of you, but we can also promise that you will look back on the semester, and be proud to have been a part of a team making a great impact on our community, nation, and world.

Who can participate?

In order to participate in JBU Enactus, the only stipulation is that you are enrolled at John Brown University. Enactus students come from all different class statuses and majors! That’s part of where the strength of our club lies – in it’s diversity.

We often get the comment, “Aren’t you just a business club?”

We are an Entrepreneurship club, which is not necessarily synonymous with business. Enactus does provide many benefits for business majors, like the opportunities to attend recruiting events and talk with potential employers in the business world, but it is the entrepreneurial spirit that permeates every aspect of what we do that makes us more than just a business club. It doesn’t matter your major, if you can look at a need and start thinking up creative and sustainable solutions, you’ll fit right in! Our projects depend heavily on expertise that we find in departments all over campus! We need every major, be it engineering, communications, chemistry, psychology, education, music, christian ministries, graphic design, nursing, or accounting.

Is Enactus a “club” or a “class”?

Enactus can actually be either. At it’s core, Enactus is a organized club that seeks to take what students have learned in “class” and put it to use in a practical, real-world setting. However, because the University has acknowledge Enactus as an intellectually rigorous endeavor, it is possible to take it for credit. It can be taken for one, two, or three credits (depending on your level of involvement – one credit is equal to being an active project member, three is equal to leading a project) and can fulfill up to six credits toward your four-year degree.

Course options every semester are: LDR 2990*LDR 2991LDR 2992, and LDR 2993.

Go to www.EnactusJBU.org/credit for more information.