Leadership Conference Insights by Jeffrey Ewing

Nothing impacted me more at the 2013 Enactus Fall Leadership Conference than a few brief words from Dave Watson, Director of Recruiting, Sam’s Club. While sharing some of his experiences in relation to interviewing for a job, he described that he asks the usual question resembling the following: “Can you describe a time you’ve worked…

Enactus Leadership Conference Insights

Perhaps the greatest lesson I learned this past weekend was that a leader should be in a perpetual state of learning, unlearning, and relearning information. Lori Sullivan, Senior University Specialist for ADP, made this bold statement when she spoke to the Enactus students as a whole. The inability of a leader to do these three…


Guatemala Coffee Project

In the green highlands of Guatemala, one of the best coffees in the world is produced. Year-round, farmers dedicate their lives to the harvesting and roasting of what is considered 15% of the country’s GNP. The economic influence of coffee in Guatemala’s economy is undeniable, and so are its risks. La Roya is a plague…