Enactus JBU Weekly Meeting

Reflection from a new member

As a sophomore Family and Human Services major, I honestly did not know Enactus existed until the end of the Spring 2013 semester when the Great Abandon Dance Ministry I am a part of teamed up with the Guatemala Water Project which is an Enactus project on JBU’s campus. Even after we worked together to…

School Supplies for Nicaragua

“Education is a better safeguard of liberty than any standing army.” -Edward Everett We know that, while building a school is a major accomplishment, it doesn’t mean that effective teaching and learning takes place. That’s why, one year after the ribbon-cutting at Milagro de Dios, We have a group of 6 headed down to Nicaragua…

GwaterMALA: $7,000 in 2.5 Months

A group just met here on campus to talk through progress on the Guatemala Water Project in Cotzal. Very encouraged by all that’s transpired. We established a goal of $26,700 by May 6, 2012 as a minimum to feel comfortable ordering the water system. Faith is action, says hermana Juanita. So we had better get…