Entrepreneurial Leadership, Wherefore Art Thou?

  The culture of any church, school, community, family, government, etc., is a social structure of shared values that bind its members together in a way that promotes the health and sustainability of the entire society. Those shared values are the filter through which all of the most important decisions guiding the way we treat…

Enactus JBU 2015

Introducing the Competition Team 2016!

Our faculty advisors, BAB members, and officers were able to hear incredible auditions from current members to be a part of our competition team for this year. After a very tough selection process, here is our competition team 2016 and what they’re excited about this year’s competition season: Speaker Team “I love a good challenge,…

The One Thing You Should Definitely Get Involved When In College

Ok, we all have been there, being the typical freshmen who wants to get involved in everything they can. French club, the dance ministry, growth groups, mission trips, cause ministries, whatever you want to call it. You just want to be part of something, you want to find a sense of identity, a bigger purpose,…