What Do You Expect From This Year?

Our Enactus Officer Team was asked to share a little bit about what Enactus means to them, what gets them excited for this year, and what they expect as individuals and from the team. It’s going to be a great year for our team with new projects, lots of new faces, and our incredible returning…

Rachel Lewis, Co-Advisor

Meet Our NEW Co-Advisor

Rachel Lewis is from Maryland and studied Finance at East Tennessee State University. She worked as a buyer/financial analyst for Bell Helicopter after graduation and then decided to pursue her MBA at JBU. She is now a Soderquist Fellow and is delighted to serve as Co-Advisor for the Enactus JBU team. Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn here:

Meet the 2015-16 Officers

Saying goodbye to the group above: Meghan Lane, Co-Advisor; Daniela Rivas-Flamenco, VP of Membership; Kristina Arge, President; Gabriela Mejia Flores, VP of Project Development; Erin Morningstar, VP of Marketing). Our 2015-16 Officers are pictured below from left to right: Ryan Hackett, VP of Membership, is a Sophomore, Accounting Major from Nebraska; Carlos Lopez Sandoval, VP of…